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Your locks and keys are the foundation of your home security. A key allows you to enter the property and keeps out others by ensuring that the doors stay locked. When you purchase a home from a previous owner or when you lose a key, a locksmith at Reston Locksmith VA helps by providing rekeying services.

What is Rekeying?

Rekeying refers to the process of altering the locks on your doors so that a previous key does not work. Essentially, it changes the lock or dead bolt by altering the way that the lock reads the key.

The process takes a few minutes when handled by a professional locksmith. Since our locksmiths have more than 12 years of experience, you can feel confident that our rekeying services will give you the security that you want. Generally, you want to consider rekeying when you are unsure about the number of copies of the key that others own or if you accidentally lose your keys and feel uncomfortable with the idea that a stranger can easily access your property.

How it Improves Security

By altering the existing locks on your door, you improve the security of your property. The primary way that it helps with your security is by preventing others with a copy of your key from entering the property. The altered lock also gives you peace of mind if your lose your keys since it ensures that your previous key will not open the door and compromise the security of your home.

Keys are an essential part of your entry to a property. When you have concerns about the potential accessibility of your home, a locksmith can help address the problem by altering the locks and dead bolts. Contact Reston Locksmith VA today to learn more about rekeying and other security measures for your home.

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